Kingsgate Enterprises, Inc

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Transforming Impossibilities Into Opportunities
Specialists in
Computer Applications Solutions & Technical Support for
Small to Medium Manufacturers, Small Businesses,
and Small Offices / Home Offices

    Business Services:  
    • IT Systems Hardware and Applications Evaluations and Recommendations
    • IT Strategic Solutions Evaluation and Planning
    • Financial Analysis
    • Strategic Management

Computer Services:   PC Support, Networking & LAN Suppport, Internet Support, System Support and DataBase Support

  • PC Support
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Virus and Spyware Eradication
    • Anti-Virus Software Download and Installation
    • Softwrare Installation
    • Peripheral Installation and Configuration
  • Networking / LAN Support
    • Ethernet (TCP/IP) Support
    • Modem, Router, Firewall, and Switch Installation and Configuration
    • Intranet Support
    • Windows Peer-to-Peer Networking
  • Internet Support
    • DSL and Broadband Connection Installation and Configuration
    • Linux Firewall Installation and Support
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Unix Internet Services including DNS, NTP, Apache
    • Web Page Design
  • System Support
    • Computer Installation and Configuration
    • Disaster Planning and Recovery
    • System and Application Documentation
  • Database Support
    • PICK / Multivalue Databases
      • Flavors
        • UniVerse
        • UniData
        • Microdata Reality
        • Prime Information
        • Advanced PICK
        • Revelation
        • Advanced Revelation
      • Analysis and Programming
      • Development
      • DBA Support
      • Legacy PICK O/S Support
    • MySQL - Light MySQL Support

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